Recent Before & After Photos

Residential Smoke Restoration

Professional smoke restoration performed by our team of skilled and trained technicians, combined with using specifically formulated SERVPRO products, our staff... READ MORE

Water Mitigation: Floor Removal

This set of before and after photos comes from a recent water mitigation project. Our team carefully removed this wood flooring and underlayment as it neighbore... READ MORE

Vandalism Restoration

Like fire or water damage, vandalism to a property can be traumatic and the thought of cleanup and restoration following this kind of event can be a daunting on... READ MORE

Before and After-Smoke Restoration

Ceramic jar heavily effected by smoke during a residential fire before cleaning and after a thorough cleaning by SERVPRO certified smoke restoration technicians... READ MORE

Air Duct Cleaning-The SERVPRO Difference

Over time, dirt, dust and debris can accumulate inside your home's air delivery system. This accumulation can contribute to foul odors, can affect your HVAC sys... READ MORE

Kitchen Demo due to Water Damage

A kitchen needed to be demoed after a large tree that fell on the outside of the house caused water damage.

Water Damage in a NH basement

This basement had some water damage due to a large tree falling on part of the home. The water that caused the damage came from the kitchen upstairs. READ MORE

Mold Remediation in Southern NH

This house had mold in many rooms which needed to be cleaned & stripped of drywall.

Water Damage cleanup in Keene, NH

A ceiling had to be completely torn down due to water damage.

Bathroom Demo

This bathroom in Keene, NH was completely gutted due to water damage.